A Safety and Human Resources Company

Client Benefits

Typical Benefits Resulting from Safety Consulting

A much higher probability of compliance with state regulations; lower turnover; improved morale; reduced damage; reduced workers compensation premiums; less equipment damage; improved product quality; increased production; lower training & retraining costs; and more!

Professional knowledge and experience of company principles assures clients that their investment will produce results. The President led manufacturing company to a ten-to-one return on investment within 2 years of program initiation. This was his first safety experience, and it saved the employer approximately $250,000 in 2 years with an investment of $25,000. Anecdotal evidence during the first three years of Safety World operation indicates that a significant number of clients worked injury-free for a full year.

Additional benefits may include:

  • a much higher probability of compliance with state regulations;
  • lower turnover; improved morale; reduced product damage;
  • reduced workers compensation premiums; less equipment damage;
  • improved product quality; increased production;
  • lower training and retraining costs, and other benefits.

Safety World® and the contracted training companies have Error & Omissions and General Liability coverage.


Client Testimonials

“Safety World® has provided us with a safer work environment for our employees. Safety meetings and safety inspections give us confidence that we are doing everything we can to insure a higher level of safety for our employees.”


“Your contractor trainer treats me, the owner, and our employees with equal respect. I appreciate that. I have decided that safety service is like insurance, and I need it.”


“Safety is important to us at Double Diamond Dairy, both to the management and employees. After years of being assisted by Safety World and others with safety handbooks and employee training, Richard was able to prepare us and our team for an OSHA evaluation that occurred after an employee accident this past spring. OSHA came to the facility unannounced, and we were able to meet the standards that OSHA requires. There were no citations. Thanks Richard-Safety World”


“Safety World Inc. has demonstrated that they are very qualified in providing consultation, written programs, inspections, training, and all other aspects of safety compliance for Europa Sports Products, Inc. We are convinced that Safety Worlds’ great communication on safety issues that relate to our daily operation have helped keep injuries and accidents below national averages, keeping our employees safe and saving our company from spending huge dollars on OSHA fines.”


“I would like to take this opportunity to commend your organization on its excellent customer service skills. Not only is your product knowledge exceptional, you helped Guinn Construction achieve a level of compliance that is imperative in this day and age. Your proficiency and ability to perform tasks in a timely manner were also quite impressive. Thank you for providing Guinn Construction excellent service.”


“From a manager’s position Safety World is a “must have” with today’s constantly changing rules and regulations concerning job safety for your employees. Knowledge is the key to success. Richard Wahl supplies us with effective tools and hands on training thus helping reduce incidents, accidents and injuries in our workplace. My job is to find a cost-effective way to keep our employees safe and our Worker’s Compensation costs reduced. “Safety World” does just that.”


“Safety World wants your company’s safety program to be successful. From injury and illness prevention programs, safety meetings, onsite-inspections, proper protective equipment, and labor law posters are just a few examples of what they do and look at to help you stay in compliance. One of the greatest benefits I’ve experienced with Safety World is if I have a question it gets answered and taken care of in a timely manner.”


“To ensure our pharmacy’s Medicare accreditation, Safety World has helped to establish a comprehensive Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP). As an independent pharmacy, we were unaware of all the stringent standards set forth by the Medicare accreditation, but with Richard Wahl’s assistance, we were able to fulfill our accreditation standards.”


“We are fortunate to have Safety World working with us regarding our safety issues in our electrical contracting business. Safety World provides up-to-date written programs that are required. We are always assured that we will receive important new information as it arises, and we have a source to answer our questions 24/7. Safety World is a terrific company by providing great service whenever we need it. Fantastic job, Safety World!”