Safety World® Services

Typical Benefits Resulting from Safety Consulting:

  • a much higher probability of compliance with state regulations;
  • lower turnover;
  • improved morale;
  • reduced product damage;
  • reduced workers compensation premiums;
  • less equipment damage;
  • improved product quality;
  • increased production;
  • lower training & retraining costs;
  • and more!

Safety World,® Inc. is providing the following types of safety service:

Packaged program

Employers receive a set amount of onsite service annually unless a custom program is negotiated. The core program is designed for basic needs and includes:

  1. An initial evaluation, inspection and set up;
  2. Four safety training meetings for line employees and supervisors;
  3. Four safety inspections of equipment, facilities and employee work behaviors;
  4. State and Federal legal posters;
  5. Application of signs;
  6. Provision of a first aid kit;
  7. Claims review as needed;
  8. A written Injury & Illness Prevention Program, when required;
  9. Required sub programs written: Confined Space; Hearing Conservation;
  10. Custom written Codes of Safe Practices;
  11. A year-end review and updates;
  12. Additional services as determined.

Custom program

Safety World,® Inc. will provide additional service beyond the basic packaged program or create a plan to meet specific needs or requests.

The following is a partial list of available professional services:

  1. Safety program audit and development;
  2. Historical and project safety analysis;
  3. Ergonomic and operations evaluation/recommendation development;
  4. Management safety leadership training;
  5. Employee training;
  6. Safety resource guidance;
  7. Dosimetry.